June 16, 2020

Preview New Multimobby cart for PRM

New Multimobby cart for PRM
The new Multimobby ...

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June 16, 2020

e-Mobby with link & go

e-Mobby with link & go
e-Mobby has a special optional feature link & go

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March 30, 2020

Mobby with protection screen

Mobby with protection screen
Protection screen against corona virus, ...

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Aisle Mobby

Aisle Mobby

  • Safety break (Mobby is on the break when the breaking handle is not used)
  • Safety stepping onto the footboard, without the Mobby tipping
  • Safety seatbelt sytem automatic roll-up: 2 units for the upperbody with extensions
  • Safety seatbelt sytem automatic roll-up: 1 units for the legs stability
  • Detachable and adjustable headrest
  • Wheels 12 inch with break for easy turning
  • Castor wheels under footboard
  • Anti-tip wheels at the back
  • Weight 29 kilogram
  • Capacity 175 kilogram
  • Height seat from the ground 54 cm, easy transfer from other chair
  • Seat depth 40 cm
  • Push bar at 94 cm height
  • Adjustable seat width because armrests are adjustable, both side 2,5 cm ( 1 inch )
    seatwidth 32,5 to 37,5 cm
  • Width outside wheels 38 cm
  • Swing-up armrests, not detouchable
  • Stabil big footboard
  • Double layer powder coating, not coated parts are from stainless steel
  • Puncture proof tires grey
  • Colored upperframe available in 4 colors as a standard:
  • yellow (RAL 1023)
    blue (RAL 5005)
    red (RAL 3020)
    orange (RAL 2009)
  • Underframe grey RAL 9006
  • Other RAL colors available on request
  • Seat & back black anti-slip coating RAL 9004
  • Footboard protected by anti-slip plastic black

Adjustable armrests from 32,5 to 37,5 cm

Aisle Mobby

Automatic seatbelt system ( no loose straps )

Aisle Mobby 

Optional with comfort fixed cushion and / or back

 Aisle Mobby 

Options Aisle Mobby

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