March 18, 2019

Special Mobility at Inter Airport Europe 2019

Special Mobility at Inter Airport Europe 2019

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February 1, 2019

Multimobby introduced at London Heathrow

Multimobby ordered for London HeathrowSpecial Mobility received orders from Omniserv, that has renewed the PRM service ...
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March 28, 2018

New generation e-Mobby

New generation e-MobbyUsers of the e-Mobby have given their ideas and with nearly all input received we have come to a redesign with upgraded ...
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January 1, 2018

Special Mobility delivers to Hong Kong Int. Airport

Special Mobility levert Hong Kong Int. AirportSpecial Mobility supplies to Worldwide Flight Services, PRM service provider at Hong Kong International Airport. ...
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July 3, 2017

Qantas replaces fleet for Mobby's

Qantas replaces fleet for Mobby''sQantas have ordered Mobby wheelchairs with options, e-Mobby's with options and Mobby XL.
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Aisle Mobby

Aisle Mobby

  • Safety break (Mobby is on the break when the breaking handle is not used)
  • Safety stepping onto the footboard, without the Mobby tipping
  • Safety seatbelt sytem automatic roll-up: 2 units for the upperbody with extensions
  • Safety seatbelt sytem automatic roll-up: 1 units for the legs stability
  • Detachable and adjustable headrest
  • Wheels 12 inch with break for easy turning
  • Castor wheels under footboard
  • Anti-tip wheels at the back
  • Weight 29 kilogram
  • Capacity 175 kilogram
  • Height seat from the ground 54 cm, easy transfer from other chair
  • Seat depth 40 cm
  • Push bar at 94 cm height
  • Adjustable seat width because armrests are adjustable, both side 2,5 cm ( 1 inch )
    seatwidth 32,5 to 37,5 cm
  • Width outside wheels 38 cm
  • Swing-up armrests, not detouchable
  • Stabil big footboard
  • Double layer powder coating, not coated parts are from stainless steel
  • Puncture proof tires grey
  • Colored upperframe available in 4 colors as a standard:
  • yellow (RAL 1023)
    blue (RAL 5005)
    red (RAL 3020)
    orange (RAL 2009)
  • Underframe grey RAL 9006
  • Other RAL colors available on request
  • Seat & back black anti-slip coating RAL 9004
  • Footboard protected by anti-slip plastic black

Adjustable armrests from 32,5 to 37,5 cm

Aisle Mobby

Automatic seatbelt system ( no loose straps )

Aisle Mobby 

Optional with comfort fixed cushion and / or back

 Aisle Mobby 

Options Aisle Mobby

Caddy3 options  Caddy3 options  Caddy3 options

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