Delivering order London Heathrow

March 10, 2016.

Order for Omniserv, the PRM service contractor for London Heathrow is being delivered. Instructions and training by Special Mobility. 
This device can take a row of empty wheelchairs or transport 2 or 3 passengers in one time.

Delivering order London Heatrhow

Delivering order London Heatrhow



March 28, 2018

New generation e-Mobby

New generation e-MobbyUsers of the e-Mobby have given their ideas and with nearly all input received we have come to a redesign with upgraded ...
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October 1, 2017

Mobby mover new

Mobby mover nieuwThe Mobby-Mover can be connected to the Mobby and picks people up and drops them ...
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July 30, 2017

Mobby XL new

Mobby XL newSpecial Mobilty have developed a bariatric version of the Mobby, called Mobby XL.
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