June 16, 2020

Preview New Multimobby cart for PRM

New Multimobby cart for PRM
The new Multimobby ...

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June 16, 2020

e-Mobby with link & go

e-Mobby with link & go
e-Mobby has a special optional feature link & go

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March 30, 2020

Mobby with protection screen

Mobby with protection screen
Protection screen against corona virus, ...

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Mobby XL technical specifications


  • Safety break ( break is on when the breakinghandle is not used / loose )
  • Stable fixed footplate, cannot be taken off from the wheelchair and the
    wheelchair does not tip forward when you stand on the footplate
  • Weight 42 kilogram
  • 250 kilogram loadcapacity
  • Seatwidth between armrest 65 cm
  • Width ( overall ) 87 cm
  • Strong armwrest swing-up, cannot be taken from the wheelchair
  • Anti-theft, low maintenance, high quality and strong
  • Double coating, not coated parts are made from stainless steel
  • Punctureproof tires, double rear wheels
  • Upperframe standard colors:
  • yellow (RAL 1023)
  • blue (RAL 5005)
    red (RAL 3020)
    orange (RAL 2009)
  • Bottomframe is grey / metallic RAL 9006
  • Wide seat & back is black with stucture ( anti-slip ) RAL 9004
  • Footplate is black with structure ( anti-slip )
  • All additional options can be ordered seperately and fixed later if you wish.
    Options are screwed to the frame
  • Mobby's are stackable even with the options
  • Options: click here


Mobby XL technische specificaties Mobby XL technische specificaties







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