March 18, 2019

Special Mobility at Inter Airport Europe 2019

Special Mobility at Inter Airport Europe 2019

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New generation e-Mobby

March 28, 2018.


New generation e-Mobby

We would like to update you on the new generation e-Mobby.

Users of the e-Mobby have given their ideas and with nearly all input received we have come to a redesign with upgraded features.

In this PDF you will find a summary and explanation of the features that are new and included, and also there are some optional features.

For a better understanding about the link n go, take a look at this video:


The mechanical Link n go can be fitted onto the e-Mobby and onto the Mobby with extended frontside (when you drive with the 3 passengers combination).

All and all we believe the new generation e-Mobby will fit even more to your needs of Fast and easy PRM transport solutions.

At this stage we are going to start with our first production-batch and the new e-Mobby will be available from the middle of June 2018.

If you have plans ordering e-Mobby, please let us know, so we can schedule production accordingly and you do not have to wait until the next production run.