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Mobby Cart

The Mobby Cart is a tow cart that can be pulled with the e-Mobby and the Mobby-Mover.
It can be used to store extra luggage, up to 4 regular-sized suitcases.


- Compact.
- Easy to attach.
- To be used in combination with our E-Mobby & Mobby-Mover.
- Patented transport links.
- Can store 4 regular travel cases.


- Textured plastic plate for grip.
- Robust, low maintenance and durable, so low operating costs.
- Special double coating for durability.

It is possible to couple in combination with the e-Mobby or the Mobby-Mover. Ergonomic and cost-saving!

Technical specifications:

Weight 31 kilograms.
Ground clearance:
Loading space:
Load 150 kilograms.
2-layer powder coating.
Punctureproof tires.
Frame gray RAL 9006.
Bottom plate black with structure ( non-slip ).

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