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Mobby keylock
Mobby keylock
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Mobby baghook
Mobby baghook
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Mobby breakhandle clamp
Mobby breakhandle clamp
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Mobby nameplate
Mobby nameplate
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Mobby anti-theft pole
Mobby anti-theft pole
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Mobby padded seat or back
Mobby padded seat or back
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Item description

Aisle Mobby is a boarding transport chair in a small dimension that fits the aisle of an airplane.
This Mobby is used to transport a passenger from the entry to the seat of the airplane
The width measured over the wheels is 38 cm, the armrests are swing-up and can be extended to achieve a wider seat

Technical specs:

  • Safetybreak, breaks is on when the ( break ) handle is released ( not in use )
  • Footplate that cannot tip over when standing on it
  • Seatbelts upperbody, 2 straps crossed over the body
  • Seatbelt legs, 1 strap to fix the legs
  • Removeable and adjustable headrest
  • Wheels 12 inch with drumbrake, higly maneuverable
  • Castorwheels under the footplate
  • Anti-tip wheels at the back
  • Weight: 29 kilogram
  • Userweight maximum: 175 kilogram
  • Seat height 54 cm, easy transfer from another Mobby or passenger wheelchair
  • Seat depth 40 cm
  • Push height attendant 94 cm
  • Seat width from 32,5 tot 37,5 cm, as armrest are extensionable
  • Width outside 12 inch wheels 38 cm ( aisle width )
  • Armrest swing-up and extentionable
  • Stabile big foorplate
  • 2-layer powdercoating, not coated parts made from stainless steel
  • Punctureproof tires
  • Upperframe available in 4 standard colors:
    yellowl (RAL 1023)
    blue (RAL 5005)
    red (RAL 3020)
    orange (RAL 2009)
  • Lower frame in grey RAL 9006
  • Other colors upperframe on request possible
  • Seat and back black anti-slip RAL 9004
  • Padded soft seat & back optional
  • Footplate black anti-slip

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